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MedArray is an emerging Ann Arbor company dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative membrane technologies for applications ranging from gas separation to medical devices. We are seeking a:

Polymer processing engineer/technician with extensive production floor and hands-on polymer processing skills. Candidates must have significant expertise using one or more of the following polymer processing methods: extrusion, casting, and coating. Experience in spinning hollow fibers and associated downstream processes typical of the production of filters and filtration media, including processes used in the textile industry is a significant plus.

Responsibilities include:
Process design, optimization, equipment installation, start-up, scale-up, maintenance, troubleshooting, and training.

Candidates must have:
A minimum of three years experience processing polymers in an industrial/production environment.

A Bachelor of Science degree (or higher) in Engineering, Chemistry or associated fields is desirable. Non-degreed technicians with considerable hands-on experience in process development will also be considered.

If you believe you are qualified please use the form below to submit a resume and a cover letter. ONLY SUBMISSIONS WITH A COVER LETTER WILL BE CONSIDERED. If you have already submitted a resume through our listing, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A RESUME AGAIN HERE. Either method will be given the same consideration. Thank you.

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